National Rug Braiders Conference 2018

                                   Sept 26 - 29, 2018 in beautiful Gig Harbor, WA

                                            Hostess/Instructor: Donna McKeever            Guest Instructor: Kathy McMillen 

Please note: Anyone wishing to display items or information at the Braiding Store, Info Bulletin Board, or Info Table must contact us first. Thank you!

(Q6)    Will we discuss projects using scraps of wool?
The topics of hit-or-miss rug designs, or ways to use up scrap materials, can certainly be part of the discussion groups at the conference if there is interest in these topics.

(Q7)    Will we be given written instructions, or will they be separately sold by the project?
There will be a mixture of written and verbal sharing. Some Classes will have handouts, some will require the attendee to take his/her own notes. Overall, we encourage attendees to share with each other freely; if they have information on a topic of interest to them, we'd like for them to bring copies to share with the group.

(Q8)    Does braiding room close after 9 pm or may we stay later into the evening to braid?
We will close and lock the Conference room each night at 9:00 pm. Attendees will have braiding time from 8:30 am till 9:00 pm, and that's quite a long day! You are welcome to bring your projects to your room to continue braiding into the wee hours if you are a night owl.

(Q9)    Will we be receiving a list of supplies needed so that we can bring what we already have at home and then purchase the remainder at the conference?
We will make sure each attendee has an idea of what they want to get from the conference, and can participate as fully as possible, which means knowing what they want to bring with them ahead of time. We will pay special attention to the Beginning Braiders to make them aware of the supplies needed for braiding rugs. We'll make sure everyone knows what will be available in the Braiding Store so they can decide what to pack in their luggage or what to buy on site.

(Q10)    What will the weather in Washington be during this time, so that we have an idea what type of clothing to bring?
Typically, the early Fall is a beautiful time of year in Gig Harbor with many clear days. The evening temps can be cold but the day time high will typically be in the 50's or 60's. There is usually no, or very little, humidity so these temperatures are usually very comfortable. Those who are not used to our climate may find it cool. It is best to bring clothes that you can layer so that you will be comfortable no matter what the temperature.

(Q11)    Will there be a discussion on repairing rugs, old vs. new, values of such rugs, materials good and poor, caring for items, the specific rug braiding topics?
Our intent is to determine the topics of most interest to our attendees; as people sign up for the Conference, we will get their ideas. These topics are all good ones - most likely they will be covered.

(Q12)    Will we be having our own personal lighting, or is it overhead lighting...if so, fluorescent or incandescent?
The lighting is overhead fluorescent. There are plenty of outlets in the side walls if you want to bring your own light.

(Q13)    If we breakfast early, will we be allowed into the braiding room before the 9 am 'start'?
We will open the doors to the braiding areas at 8:30 am for those who want to get an early start.

(Q14)   What is the photo size limit for the bulletin board....and if any, limits of items to be posted?
Each attendee will be allowed an 8-1/2" x 11" space on the Information Bulletin Board. If you have more than one rug braiding item or activity to share, you may create a "cover sheet" listing what is attached beneath it, and staple the whole package together for a single posting. We encourage you to offer descriptions and photographs! All information displayed must pertain to rug braiding, and we ask that you first contact us about what you wish to post.

(a) If you have items "for sale" you may post a notice on our Information Bulletin Board. Similarly, if you wish to share any other rug braiding information in a single-page flyer, please feel free to bring your notice for posting on our Information Bulletin Board. Flyers must be no larger than 8-1/2" x 11" size.
(b) If you wish to bring a stack of free braiding literature (brochures, business cards, etc.)  you may display this information on our Information Table.  
(Q4)    Is the Braiding Store open at the Inn where we will be staying, or is this a place we can walk to during our free time?
The Braiding Store will be on site at the Inn, adjacent to our Conference activities.
(Q5)   Can we have our own items for sale, or must we just advertise them in the Information section?
You may advertise them in one of the following ways:

(Q2)    Are all classes, groups, etc. located in the same area, and can one bounce from one group to another, if interested to do so?
Braiders will be encouraged to choose one activity at a time, mostly to keep disturbances of ongoing groups at a minimum. Our wish is to keep this conference as open and flexible as possible, but we also want to ensure that each group activity will not have too many interruptions, as their session times are limited. All activities will be on the same floor of the hotel, so it will be easy to move from one activity to the next, or even to "overhear" what is going on in particular sessions if one wants to work quietly at a table nearby.

(Q3)   Are the discussion groups, classes, lectures, etc. given more than once so that we can be sure not to miss out on any topic?
With the short amount of time we have for the conference, it isn't practical to repeat sessions or topics, so we will "stretch' our time in these ways to assure everyone can partake in as many activities as possible:

(a) Our Discussion groups are in the evenings, separate from the "active braiding" Classes in the daytime so that attendees can access both;
(b) We will always have a Beginner (Basic) and an Advanced Class at the same time, as we hope that most folks can choose one or the other;
(c) During Discussion or Class timeslots there is always the option of having "free" Workshop time during which braiders can do their own thing, or come together in their own groups if they don't want to join the scheduled activities;
(d) We want to be flexible as possible, so we are paying attention to what braiders request as we process signups for the conference. As an example, if a majority of the attendees want to learn Butting techniques, then we will certainly schedule several sessions for this topic.

(Q1)    If I choose "Double Occupancy" and am coming alone, will another braider be assigned to my room by you? 

If you would like to save a little money on the rooming cost, and choose the "Double Occupancy" option but don't have a particular braiding friend with you, we will assign someone to your room who also does not have a companion. We hope to create some new braiding friends this way. And if you find (before June 15, 2018) that you know another braider coming to the conference and want to room together, we will arrange to have you in the same room.

We have received a number of questions about the Conference; in response we've added this "Question & Answer" page.   Although we offer a planned and fully structured conference, we will remain as flexible as possible to accommodate the needs and wishes of our conference attendees - which means we reserve the right to alter our program if necessary.      - Donna