National Rug Braiders Conference 2018

                                   Sept 26 - 29, 2018 in beautiful Gig Harbor, WA

                                            Hostess/Instructor: Donna McKeever            Guest Instructor: Kathy McMillen 

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This newsletter is dedicated to the art of rug braiding. Designed to be both
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a photo gallery and just about everything else to do with rug braiding. 

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The inspiration for new projects often comes from seeing what others have done. I am pleased to announce that included with your subscription to Rug Braiding Ink Newsletter will be your membership to a new program called  “Rug Braiding INK – Photo Share”.  This program is intended to be a means for sharing photos of your braided rugs and other braided projects through email.   All are encouraged to participate. This is not a competition and any project photo ranging from the simplest to the complex can be shared as long as it is related to braiding.  Additionally this will provide a means of introducing yourself to other braiders through photos of your work and a great way for all of us to connect.  Simply send your photos to me and I will do the rest. 
Please Note: The “Photo Share” program is solely intended for sharing photos via email and is a service provided in addition to the newsletter.  The newsletter will still come to you in paper form through the US postal Service and will still include the color Photo Gallery for those who do not have email. 

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